Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pram Spotting

One of my (slightly insane) obsessions is guessing the brands of prams being pushed by people around me. I guess it's kind of a niche version of 'how to judge a man by his shoes'. You can tell a lot by a person's choice in pram. Are they sporty, do they have twins, are they practical, are they design-lovers?

Anyway, I have noticed one recurring trend - mums and dads are happy to spend a fair bit of dosh on their bub-mobile. I have seen so many high-end, high-price-range strollers of late - perhaps we can thank our rudd-monies for that.

Sitting at number one for design, style and popularity must be the Mountain Buggy Urban Elite. I saw 2 today. In the same cafe. In the space of 10 minutes. The additional carrycot (pictured) is perfect for newborns, and comes with a fully enclosed wet-weather cover ($69.95). Stroller is $859.95 and Carrycot is $299.95

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