Thursday, October 8, 2009

To market

It's hard to believe but Christmas is just over 2 months away. The festive season will come a'caroling before you know it. Give yourself a break and (shock) maybe even enjoy some gift shopping by starting early and shopping uniquely.

Try these Sydney markets for some inspiration and a top day out. I will be!

Kirribilli Art and Design Market - on this Sunday 11th October. Great handmade and second hand items, let's hope it's a nice day!

Matilda's Market - Sunday 1st November, at St Ignatius College, Riverview. Really gorgeous pieces from all different suppliers, mainly for bubs and kids. (check website for Australia-wide dates and locations.

Allie's Attic - A boutique market of fabulous buys for "yummy mummies with style". It's kicking off its first ever market on Saturday 14th November at Hunters Hill Community Church, followed by Paddington Town Hall on Saturday 12th December.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Feeling crafty #2

While you're at it...
If you find a great pattern for a bag or cushion or toy to sew - you will need some gorgeous fabric that will do your design justice!

I highly recommend visiting online fabric store Duckcloth. They have the most beautiful printed fabrics at reasonable prices. Visit

I'm obsessed with their new range of Japanese fabrics, especially (from top) 'French Village Tea;', $26.50 per metre, 'Apples on Canvas', $28 per metre and 'Atelier Akiko', $24.50 per metre.

And if you're not a sewer, don't worry, why not simply stretch over a canvas and hang on the wall?

Feeling crafty

About once a year something ticks inside me and I feel the need to make stuff. I don't know what it is, and there is no particular pattern (pardon the pun) to it. Last year I was into framing all sorts of pictures and textures, the year before if there was fabric near me I would sew it, and the year before that I took 2 garment-pattern making courses, just because.

This year I can't decide what it will be. I feel the hum of the sewing machine calling, but I have also dusted off my old art easel and promptly set up a blank canvas on it. Perhaps my hobby-side will be in overdrive this year.

Or perhaps I can now blame my craft store/art store/fabric store obsessions on all the fabulous and inspiring blogs just bursting with creative ideas. I'm particularly into which has free pattern downloads for heaps of projects, things to buy and great reads. Check it out!