Sunday, May 31, 2009

Catch of the Day

Two myths busted: baby shower games can be fun and beautiful baby shower stationery does exist.

Recently, my office threw a lunchtime baby shower for our art director who was due in a months time. We decided to play the "guess the baby photo" game, whereby each staff member brings in a baby picture of themselves and everyone has to guess who's who. On the morning, having realised I forgot to bring in my photo, I thought it would be funny to print out a celebrity baby pic and include it instead.

I did a search on Isla Fisher since we share a similar hair colour and printed a cute pic of her and baby Olive. As the guessing game heated up, I kept cracking up as I saw the printed out image of Isla. To my disbelief no one seemed to notice it was a paparazzi pic and instead I kept hearing, "ooh, who's mum looks just like Isla Fisher?". Bewildered, I ended up blurting "that is Isla Fisher"! to gasps and rolls of laughter from the room. Funnily enough, most people guessed it was me - though my Dad doesn't look anything like Borat.

To make your baby shower just as much fun start with these beautiful, painterly invitations from Poppies for Grace. The Baby Shower pack of 15 is $26.95.

Pram Spotting

One of my (slightly insane) obsessions is guessing the brands of prams being pushed by people around me. I guess it's kind of a niche version of 'how to judge a man by his shoes'. You can tell a lot by a person's choice in pram. Are they sporty, do they have twins, are they practical, are they design-lovers?

Anyway, I have noticed one recurring trend - mums and dads are happy to spend a fair bit of dosh on their bub-mobile. I have seen so many high-end, high-price-range strollers of late - perhaps we can thank our rudd-monies for that.

Sitting at number one for design, style and popularity must be the Mountain Buggy Urban Elite. I saw 2 today. In the same cafe. In the space of 10 minutes. The additional carrycot (pictured) is perfect for newborns, and comes with a fully enclosed wet-weather cover ($69.95). Stroller is $859.95 and Carrycot is $299.95

A Girl's Breast Friend

I visited my good friend and her brand new baby yesterday. After finally coming to terms with just how gorgeous she is and stopping obsessively saying, "but she is just so beautiful and tiny!", my friend and I started, naturally, chatting about shopping for baby - and new mums.

My friend admitted that finding decent threads to wear while nursing is even trickier than finding maternity wear. "There is hardly anything out there", she said, "and I still want to look nice!" Nursing a new bub is tricky enough without hating what you're wearing.

Anyway, after hunting around, 2 of my favourites are the Quack Maternity Hoodie (really soft jersey fabric, chic and practical design) and the 1 in the Oven Henley (flattering style, beautiful cotton, with in-built nursing bra). Perfect with jeans and a cute jacket or trench for this time of year. They are $99.95 each and both available from Queen Bee. Visit

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Packed to the Giraffe-ters

I don't know what it is, but I'm mad for a giraffe print. Everyone in my office knows how much I love our tall, leaf-eating African friends. And I guess, seeing how babies and toddlers react to their long necks and caramel colouring makes them the perfect motif for all types of baby wares.

The Giraffe and Elephant Blanket by David Fussenegger is soft and cuddly with traditional blanket stitching. And since the elephant is my close second-favourite, this one is twice the fun! 100cm x 140cm, $84.95 from The Hip Infant. This site is packed with some of the best pieces you can find

Trunk to trunk

Ooh I love this fitted cot sheet by Q Collection Jr, New York! The pastel elephant print draws me in and then finding out it's 100% certified organic cotton gets me asking where I sign up. They are available exclusively from one of my favourite websites minieco. $49.95, check out

pea in a POD

A cradle is a beautiful nursery piece for a newborn, especially since you can easily move it from room to room. The Seed Organic POD is divine. Apart from being completely organic, it's light and has a 100% breathable latex mattress - making it more comfortable and safer for bub. Once she grows out of it, The POD is a perfect place to keep fresh towels, baby products and soft toys. $349.95, visit 


I recently shot a slings and carriers story for Shopping for Baby magazine (out June 29th!). For it, I tried on 7 different carriers to 'road-test' their benefits. Not being a mum myself, it was surreal to try them all on. I thought they were all good, however the Hug-A-Bub really, er, grabbed me. It felt so secure, so comfortable and is really easy to tie. Baby snuggles right in, with total head and neck support and it leaves your hands free. They are priced from $85 and come in various colours, visit 

Luna Luxe

Luna Gallery's blankets are among my favourite homewares in the whole world. I bought my Mum the large Tree blanket for her birthday and have bought numerous Tree cot blankets for baby showers and newborns. Their cotton blankets (pictured is the Cotton Spot Blanket, $139) are made in Australia using the finest natural fibres and are completely dream-worthy to touch because they . Visit

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Babushka Baby

Happy Mothers Day everyone! I just had to add Miss adorable handmade Babushka Doll by Meemoh. I have cuddled this one myself! Her blinking eyes, Amy Butler wallpaper-print fabric and felt details made me want one for myself. $49.95 from rudy and the dodo. Visit for lots of pretty and unique toys.

Vroom vroom

Wall decals are taking over the world, and good thing. The more homes we rent, the less permanent we can be with home-decorating. ferm LIVING have a beautiful range of interesting, unique and fun wall-stickers. I think little boys and girls will love the Rush Hour sticker $77. It has a mod, London feel, don't you think?


One of my favourite baby wear brands is Purebaby. Their designs, colours and fabrics are gorgeous, and all their cotton is completely organic. I love the design of the Tree Onesie $29.95; and it's very hard to go past the too-cute red Swing Jacket $69.95. 'Red Riding Hood Chic' is the look for the season!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

In Print

Welcome to the Shopping for Baby Australia blog! This is my very first blog entry ever, so please bare with me as I work out what to do! In addition to the 2009/2010 Shopping for Baby magazine we now have our very own Shopping for Baby blog! And what better way to begin than with the beautiful and sentimental designs from Lovestamp. Designers and creators of gorgeous personalised pendants so your cherished little ones can always be near your heart. The Heartling is $59 at www.madeit/