Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Drool Worthy

A cozy, knitted wool, elephant applique, machine-washable bib...I can't, personally, think of anything cuter.

I think bub should wear it as a fashion accessory though, rather than a bib. Kind of like a baby cravat. Hmm, perhaps the Masterchef judges would like one...they could do with a bib sometimes.

Elephant bib, $29.50, by And Me Too, www.andmetoo.com.au

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Chic Chic Bump

I was kind of disappointed when Nicole Ritchie had baby Harlow a year ago. Not because I don’t like her or because I find Good Charlotte’s songs irritating (actually I do), but because Nicole made pregnancy style so fabulous, chic and cool that I wished she could stay pregnant forever.

Her paparazzi shots in maxi, halter and strapless dresses, turned her baby bump into the fashion accessory of the season. And now, hurrah, she’s be-bumped again! I love this latest hippy-chic style, it looks like we’re in for months more matern-spiration. Get her look from Gypsy 05 at www.laila.com.au

Over the Moon

A week at home with the flu will do it to you, and I can bet months of carrying around a baby bump will as well. The lure of a relaxing getaway - it gnaws and scratches until finally you dash into a Flight Centre picking up brochures on the Maldives, Bali and the Whitsundays. Then, like me, you probably end up booking a weekend up the coast…but nevertheless.

If you are going to venture somewhere exciting I highly recommend taking along a LUXE City Guide. I took one with me to Phuket last year and discovered some of the most fabulous restaurants, bars and experiences, that I have since passed on to many friends. They have a guide to just about every holiday destination and are available at most major bookstores for about $17 each. www.luxecityguides.com


If you are blessed with a little girl, you may find that once she is old enough to dress herself, or have an opinion (whichever comes first), that she begins a fascination with tutus. Call it a deep-set psychological princess-fascination, or just the love of ‘twirling’, cases of toddlers-in-tutus is on the rise.

So, as fashion doctor, I diagnose the best treatment for tulle-flu is with one of these absolutely gorgeous Princess Ratbag Pettiskirts. I have photographed them many times, and, the designer tells me they literally fly out the door. Just be careful, because they are addictive and grown-ups have been known fall victim to the medium/large, which easily fits most adults. $80 at www.princessratbag.com