Sunday, May 31, 2009

Catch of the Day

Two myths busted: baby shower games can be fun and beautiful baby shower stationery does exist.

Recently, my office threw a lunchtime baby shower for our art director who was due in a months time. We decided to play the "guess the baby photo" game, whereby each staff member brings in a baby picture of themselves and everyone has to guess who's who. On the morning, having realised I forgot to bring in my photo, I thought it would be funny to print out a celebrity baby pic and include it instead.

I did a search on Isla Fisher since we share a similar hair colour and printed a cute pic of her and baby Olive. As the guessing game heated up, I kept cracking up as I saw the printed out image of Isla. To my disbelief no one seemed to notice it was a paparazzi pic and instead I kept hearing, "ooh, who's mum looks just like Isla Fisher?". Bewildered, I ended up blurting "that is Isla Fisher"! to gasps and rolls of laughter from the room. Funnily enough, most people guessed it was me - though my Dad doesn't look anything like Borat.

To make your baby shower just as much fun start with these beautiful, painterly invitations from Poppies for Grace. The Baby Shower pack of 15 is $26.95.

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