Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Feeling crafty #2

While you're at it...
If you find a great pattern for a bag or cushion or toy to sew - you will need some gorgeous fabric that will do your design justice!

I highly recommend visiting online fabric store Duckcloth. They have the most beautiful printed fabrics at reasonable prices. Visit

I'm obsessed with their new range of Japanese fabrics, especially (from top) 'French Village Tea;', $26.50 per metre, 'Apples on Canvas', $28 per metre and 'Atelier Akiko', $24.50 per metre.

And if you're not a sewer, don't worry, why not simply stretch over a canvas and hang on the wall?

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  1. I adore those beautiful fabrics. I made my daughter a dress out of the top one. Check it out here